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Enjoy your very own luxurious walk-in bathtub in comfort without worrying about climbing in and out of the tub.  Simply open the door and step over the low 6" threshold.  This tub is designed for small spaces that requires a door placed on the front of the unit rather than the side.  This unit is so flexible it can be installed as a free standing unit.  This 38” long by 33” wide tub is manufactured using premium marine grade gel coat fiberglass making the tub extremely durable and cleaning a breeze.   Feel safe with the built-in grab bar and anti-slip floor.  The tub is outfitted with a beautiful 5-piece De Luxe Roman Faucets and a shower slider bar to easily move your handheld shower head from high to low positions. 


You can add an air spa or whirlpool jets, or better yet, both, for the ultimate bathing experience.  For even more decadent experience upgrade the whirlpool jets with our new vibro jets.


  • Omni Hydrotherapy Heated Air Jets are positioned for maximum body coverage. The standard system comes in 3 speeds which allows you to alternate from strong to mild pulsations creating a memorable therapeutic massage.
  • The Directional PressurePoint Jets are heated water jets that grant you the opportunity to experience a powerful deep massage to specific parts of your body.
  • Experience bathing like nothing before with Vibro Jets - 3 high aqua-pressure outlets.  At the same time, you will experience pressure, pulsation, and vibration massages!  You can also sequence the jets by zone to get a customized massage.


Your tub may be personalized further with chromotherapy, aromatherapy, heated back rest, and end panels.  See our walk-in tub customization products to add these features to your tub.


Aquam 3833 Walk in Bathtub - Right Hand

    • Dimensions of Walk in Tub: 31″ x 38″ x 40″
    • Dimensions of Crate on Pallet: 32″ x 39″ x 42″
    • Threshold Height: 6.83″
    • Seat Width: 21″
    • Outward Folding Door
    • Gallons: 38 gallons
    • Side Access Panels: 2
    • Water Pump: 0.75 HP
    • Air Pump: 0.50 HP